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Hey, Hi, Hello?
Helloosh Kelloosh!
by Mia November 07, 2003
social courage and hustle; determination
as seen in Oprah's Chutzpa Awards...someone with extreme amounts of courage, pizazz, determination, creativity, etc.
by Mia March 06, 2005
Textin on yo cellphone....
yo im thumbtextin on the cell...thats how we use it
by mia August 25, 2004
Pretty much it means fuckin' beautiful.
Damn, wasn't that crunkin bitch last night beautifuk?!
by Mia April 01, 2006
a person whois no 1 in reprasenting something..
Chantha is a reprasenta of all eggs
by Mia December 22, 2004
A method to determine who is drunk or stoned while still trying to keep it a secret from adult or authority figures. One person calls out "Buzz call" and anyone who is drunk of stoned replies "buzzzzz".
B: "Buzz call"
A, C, and D: "Buzzzzz"
by Mia March 20, 2006
Small city where i grew up, while boring it's much better than Elmira and the surrounding cities. There are things to do, you just have to lokk around a little bit.
located in southern NY
by Mia March 05, 2005

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