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The very last pick in Little League Baseball draft. Usually plays right field and would NEVER be chosen by any coach who has not observed that his Mom is a MILF. Only redeeming quality: his Mom will do anything to keep him from doing pine time (sitting the bench).
Coach 1- GADZ- that fielder of yours couldn't catch a cold...much less a pop up or a line drive. He must have some hidden talent.
Coach 2- YEAH- his Mommy is the hottest Mom on the team! He's my MILF pick!
Coach 1- What will she trade to have Lil' Johnny play short stop today?
#bleacher booty #hot mommy #little league lucky #sexy momma #cougar
by MiMimmmmmm May 24, 2010
When you realize, at the end of January, that the Christmas gifts you received were not genuine Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) they were Dollar General (DG). The stickers, logos and emblems are bogus, fake and you've been punked!
Kelli- Damn Momma', all that stuff you got me for Christmas was from Dollar General not Dolce and Gabbana!
My friend Karlee saw it and now my whole class is laughin' at me!
Momma- Well darlin' I thought it was what you were askin' for with the big D and G and all! That's sticker shock delay fer sho'.
#designer ho' wannabe #fashion victim #fashion slanderer #poor white trailer trash #fashion suicide
by mimimmmmmm January 31, 2010
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