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Someone who is a) stuck up and arrogant and attempts to asert his/her auithority on younger people
or b) someone who tries to destroy your free will and intelligence
by MiB March 03, 2003
Semi-Decent Melodic Death Metal band. Their first few CDs were good, but they started selling out... Reroute to Remain sucks.
And godammit they aren't the best metal band! Obviously all you fucktard haven't heard heard of Opeth.
Opeth kicks In Flames little pansy ass out of sweden.
by MiB March 06, 2004
chatsworth is the greatest place ever. I live in chatsworth, other people live there to, but most importantly I like there. it is so great. it is a place where everyone can be friends and we can all have a fun fun time. I love chatsworth and you should to
Dude when I die i hope i go to heaven... I mean chatsworth

Micah Davis lives in chatsworth and so should you

chatsworth is the greatest place ever
by MIB February 18, 2005
1. Title of popular Rolling Stones track

2. Overweight and gruesome female that has not been blessed in the physical appearance department
1. "I'll never be your beast of burden..."

2. "Agghh, that is rank, she is well nasty, she is a beast of burden. I wouldn't touch her with your d*ck"
by MIB October 18, 2004

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