3 definitions by Mi0s

Slang for the word man, or homie, or nigga. Mainly produced as a white man's version of the Bay Area term: Rogue. Used in the 650, mainly West Menlo Park. Created by two white boys from West Menlo park.
Alternative Term: Chromo.
Wasssupp Chromosome.
Just Chilling Rooogue.
by Mi0s April 17, 2007
when one is strugglin' and being a scrub at the same time
damn Rosey is scrubblin' right now
by Mi0s September 15, 2010
Sunglasses. Any type of eye piece that has dark lenses. aka sunnies. Yes, they are a more generic term for stunna shades or stunnas
I'm in my whip, im in my ride,
supastar stunna wit dem darks on my eyes
by Mi0s January 06, 2008

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