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3 definitions by Mexirocker

{Ma-tay-us Fa-toos}
A sophisticated word with a Latin sound to it, meaning "fat matt". This word is used for when there is an obese person named matt.
Clear the halls for a wide load, a Mateus Fatus is coming!
by Mexirocker August 29, 2006
Someone who is a noob at every aspect of life.
My friend, Joe, is a perfect example of a Jagalagala
by Mexirocker August 23, 2006
{Ma-een} Said in extremely fast speech, a redneck way of saying man. Originated when rednecks were speaking really fast and added their accent to it.

A perfect exmaple, for the people who are still confused, is Boomhower, from King of the Hill, saying this word.
Joe: I saw this dang ol' car, ma'in
Bob: dang ol' ma'in, why dint you tell me ma'in?
by Mexirocker September 01, 2006