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Capturing an image with your cellular telephone camera of someone who is unaware that their picture is being taken.
1. Here's a creeper photo of that new girl I was telling you about.

2. Check out this creeper photo I took of this guy digging in his nose.
by MexicanTaxi August 30, 2012
A woman will drive around town in a windowless van labeled "ice cream party". Men can flag down the driver and she will pull over and let him in through the back doors. She will continue to drive around until she has collected a total of six men. At this point, the van will be parked and all men will remove their clothing. The driver will select one of the men to enter their penis into her vagina, another into her mouth, one will be allowed entry into her anus and two will receive hand jobs. The last remaining man who was not selected for an activity will be placed on and secured to a chair. When each of the men reach the ejaculation stage, they will unload on the man strapped to the chair. When all men are finished, the will don their clothing and get dropped off where they were picked up. The man in the chair is the last to get dropped off.
I attended an ice cream party and all I got was a lousy hand job.
by MexicanTaxi August 29, 2012

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