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A word whose definition can never be agreed upon from one person to the next, so as a result is rendered meaningless.
Look up tween at urbandictionary and all the definitions will be different
by Meus Nex October 18, 2009
A rabid fan of the Star Wars universe whose level of fandom is so intense that they would claim the superiority of any aspect of Star Wars over any other similar aspect from any universe, real or fictional, regardless of whether or not their arguments have any basis in rational thought.
"C-3P0 would totally pwn Data!"
"Fucking Warsie."
by Meus Nex April 07, 2009
A gutter punk who rarely showers, but takes every other opportunity to improve their personal hygiene, while at the same time maintaining a level of technological superiority over other squatters by possessing such things as MP3 players, cell phones, even laptops, most of which is usually earned through (mostly) honest means. As a result, aristocrusts generally think themselves superior to other people living on the streets, but due to necessity must swallow their pride. Or get jacked for their shit.
"You call yourself a crusty kid?!"
"Fuck you, I'm an aristocrust."
by Meus Nex November 20, 2009
Someone who seems to have multiple personalities, or is two-faced.

Derived from the Trill species in the fictional Star Trek universe, in which a host's personality changes when merged with a symbiont.
"Dude, she was all over you last night, now she's being a major bitch. What's the deal?"
"She's fucking trill."
by Meus Nex October 24, 2008

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