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6 definitions by Methais

Some pillow biter who loves getting gang raped by men.
by Methais June 23, 2003
15 12
A gay fucker.
You're such a Keffal.
by Methais November 05, 2003
3 2
Some ass plunger who likes to suck big fat cocks all day while another 4 are rammed up his. He can be found at www.goatse.cx.
Maliku smokes cock on a regular basis.
by Methais June 30, 2003
11 10
A trio of a mother and two of her sons who tried to steal pirate One-Eyed Willy's treasure but were foiled by a group of kids and her outcast son, Sloth. They enjoy serving yellowish brown water to kids at closed down restaurants, and showing up for 4x4 beach races unannounced and unregistered.
"You always took his side ma you always liked him better."

by Methais January 15, 2005
21 21
Klaive is just upset because everybody makes him look like the complete ass he is.
Methais just pwned Klaive!
by Methais October 07, 2003
3 8
Klaive just needs to quit taking it up the ass by his mother with her strap on.
by Methais October 13, 2003
4 10