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The trap page was undoubtedly developed by the ingenious men and women of AOL and other internet marketing tycoons. Used to exploit their clients as well as external users, the trap page is an excellent tool to force feed users with annoying propaganda and advertisement. The trap page implements 'anti-back' technologies, prohibiting the user from backing out of the webpage once it has been visited. This forces a user to either retype the desired URL or simply close the browser window, all while having advertisements crammed down their throat. The trap pages of today have reached new heights by using JavaScript and other web scripting technologies to spawn siblings of the original trap page or simply spam the fuck out of you with annoying dialog boxes. Thanks a lot you greedy, inhumane advertising scumbags.
To see the trap page in action see any porn site or use anything AOL affiliated.
by Meth0d July 07, 2004
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