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1 definition by MetallicaFor2011

A Lot of people older than people in seventh grade give 7th graders a bad reputation. I just got out of 7th grade and it is HELL. I do agree with a lot of definitions for this word, though. A lot of 7th graders DO start drama, and a lot of them do it on purpose. A lot of them ARE immature and make stupid sexual and sexist jokes. AND many of them think they are in love and can date. Obviously, as a recent seventh grader, many people in my class have dated people and I understand that sometimes you will find someone you want to date. That dosent mean your in love. Chances are, you two will be broken up within a couple days. These definitions dont go for all seventh graders though, because so of them are pretty cool. Its RARE though. (And yea, a lot of them are wannabe emos.) But I know I dont fit this definition, because I hate drama, and Im friends with a lot of people older than me who I dont think I annoy. Some 7th graders arent obsessed with Justin Bieber, etc. Some like all different types of music, Me, personally metal. There should be way more than one definition of a seventh grader, because not all of them are annoying, sexist pigs. (But a lot are.)
High Schooler: Hey, guess what? Seventh graders are annoying and immature, and are way too obsessed with trying to be emo!
7th Grader: Not all of them, some are pretty cool.
High Schooler: Nahh dont think so.
by MetallicaFor2011 August 09, 2011