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A subgenre of death metal which itself is a subgenre of metal.

Melodic death metal is basically all the aggression and brutality of death metal, but will include melodic riffs, guitar harmonies, sung vocals as well as scream/roar vocals (which are also more inteligable than standard death metal vocals) and slower solo's that aren't always pure shred among other defining points.

Quite possibly THE best genre of metal.
Melodic death metal? Try In Flames, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Dark Tranquility and Soilwork man.

That's some gooooood shit.
by Metalhead For Life January 10, 2007
Something that makes life a lot more fun.

Though being completely immature will probably have adverse effects on your social life, education, and life in general it'll be more fun!
1. Zoe: Look John, I'm sorry, I'm breaking up with you.

John: Yeah? Well...you've got herpes!

Zoe: This is why I'm breaking up with you! You're so god damned immature!

John: At least I don't smell bad!

Zoe: Whatever!

John: GAAAAY!!!!

2. Bob: I'm sorry Karl...your...well...your dog died.


Bob: Wow. Your immaturity was so bad I might have to jump out of a window.
by Metalhead For Life November 10, 2006
A nice hot, steaming cup of joe with an incredibly welcoming smell and the perfect thing first thing in the morning.
1. What's all this sex mod rubbish?

2. I like to start my day with a nice hot coffee.

3. Mmm that hot coffee looks and smells damn good.

4. How do you like your coffee? Hot!
by Metalhead For Life November 07, 2006
1. /THE/ Gods of metal music, although they let themselves down with the albums where they experimented with their sound, namely The More Things Change, The Burning Red and Supercharger (which admittidly contain good songs). Found retribution with the almighty "Through the Ashes of Empires".

2. The pegs on your guitar's headstock that you use to tune your guitar.

3. Band that features the legendary Robb Flynn. Who is in turn the god of all metal.
1. Holy fucking hell have you heard Imperium by Machine Head? They are truely teh gods of metal!

I can't wait for Machine Head's new album, it will fucking own the big one!

2. I like to keep my guitar's tuning pegs nice and shiny with a good polishing every so often. Ohhh yes.

3. Robb Flynn > You
by Metalhead For Life November 07, 2006
An imaginative insult that you call someone who's really...really...REALLY pissing you off.
Annoying Person: "Your mum's gay and like so are you. Your mum's gay and like so are you. Your mum's gay and like so are you."

Annoyed Person: "Do the world a favour, please shut the fuck up."


Annoyed Person: "...Shut the hell up you cock nosed anal raiding ass monkey!"

Annoying Person: O_O
by Metalhead For Life November 07, 2006
As well as being an insult by itself, tard can also be a wonderful, magical, multipurpose suffix that will make insults even more imaginative and quite possibly more insulting.

Be imaginative with your choice of prefix.
Words ending in tard:

1. Person A: DRAGONBALL Z IS TEH ROCKZ!!!!111one!!

Person B: That guy isn't just your standard tard...he's a bloody smacktard.

2. Person C: LOL! Did you see Person A fall over into a bush? What an asstard!

3. Person D: Man, Person A is such a god damned gaytard.
by Metalhead For Life November 10, 2006
What you say to someone who has just said something or done something so completely embarrassing or stupid you wish YOU could go hide under a small bush due to the shame being emitted from said person.
1. John: "Yeah uh so last weekend I went out to town and bought myself a XBOX360."

Me: "Dude...unless you're joking I'm gonna disown all knowledge of ever being your friend, talking to you or even knowing of your SORRY EXISTANCE ON THIS PLANET."

2. Matt: "So I was on WoW'ing the other night and I met this hawt Lvl 60 Night Elf at Ironforge. Yeah at the end of the night I ended up jacking off over webcam for her."

Me: "...disowned."

Matt: "What?"

Me: "You're disowned."

Matt: "Wh..."

Me: "Disowned."

Matt: "Bu..."

by Metalhead For Life November 08, 2006

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