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First I would like to apologize for Justin Biber. CAUSE SOMEBODY FUCKING NEEDS TO! So pretty much Justin Bieber is a 9 year old girl trapped in a 10 year old boys body. He sings about girls and "love" (Never seen this kind of bullshit before). She- excuse me, HE is most popular amongst preteen,tonedeaf, annoying ass little girls who have no sense of what GOOD MUSIC is.
If you listen to Justin Bieber please follow these instructions.
1)Purchase rope
2)Tie rope around neck and tie other end to a tree branch
3)Stand on a chair
4)Kick chair away and hang from rope until dead

If you listen to Indie bands or bands such as Bullet for my Valentine,Trivium,and Killswitch Engage.
2)Go and buy ropes for any Justin Bitchass fans you know
by MetalDisciple666 April 11, 2010

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