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2 definitions by Metabashi

1. A fast powerful uppercut to the stomach that makes a thunderous sound upon contact. Originated from hard punches that were from DBZ.

2. A hit (usually a uppercut to the stomach) strong enough to end a fight in one hit and leaves the receiver writhing in pain.
Dave: "I'm sick of my little brother talking mess."

Justin: "Just give him a z blow to the face and he'll shut up."
by Metabashi July 17, 2010
1. To remove and wear another person's face in order to steal or receive their money with little to no suspicion.
GUY 1: Johns makin like 700 dollars a week now.

GUY 2: Really?

GUY 1: Yeah, too bad he's a greedy douche

GUY 2: Fuck John. I'm about to go cashin in on face......
by Metabashi July 17, 2010