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1 definition by Messias From Nasareth

The word "Bajs" comes from Norway. Its common term for "poop" or "shit.

"Bajs" is commonly used in the normal norwegian language and is a part of the norwegian language "Bokmål".

Its said that the word was unvield in year 560 when Harald Haarfagre, a former norwegian king, was sitting in is "utedass" and had a hard time getting the poop out. It was later found out that he suffered from constipation.

Today, the word is commonly used by people in, the so called, K-Town. Wich is the best place on the planet called Tellus.
Norwegian: Har du bajsa i din søsters rulator?
English: Have you pooped in your sister rulator?
by Messias From Nasareth May 10, 2011
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