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Doing the best at whatever your doing. You stand out above everybody else; the supreme.
B-Money: Dang Mesha! That test was straight up hard. But i bet you passed wit' flying colors, huh?

Mesha: Yea boo I was slabbin' on that test. I was the first one done.

B-Money: You be slabbin' on er'body in er' thing. Go on wit' yo bad self.

Mesha : You know I'm always gone be slabbin' regaurdless of any situation.
by Mesha March 30, 2007
Slap, once defined as "a blow made with an opened hand", has now become the newest addition to a long list of urban southern slang. According to southerners, "slap" is the new word for sex.
"We caught two people slapping in the movie theatre."

"I heard Tamike and LauShaun slapped last night."
by Mesha July 28, 2006

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