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A war using MSN's nudge function to annoy people, but can be turned off by anybody with an ounce of knowledge. Because now you can only send a certain amount of nudges in a minute, you have to use an MSN patch to have a proper nudge war.
An example of a Nudge War:
Ginge: I will destroy you at *insert rubbish game here*
(Ginge just sent you a nudge)
Merrywether: Like I care, don't nudge me you Noob Biscuit, I'm doing coursework
(You sent Ginge a nudge)
(Ginge just sent you a nudge)
Ginge: Nudge Nudge Nudge!
Merryweather: Umrei!
(You sent Ginge a nudge)
(You sent Ginge a nudge)
(You sent Ginge a nudge)
by Merrweather November 04, 2007
A word used, usually on the internet or in grafitti but sometimes spoken, to refer to somebody's possession of something or it's relation to somebody. Used to replace "'s" by those unable to use grammar. Often used by chavs in their MSN display names or by people faux-chavving.
Derived from the use of "."s in URL's
Merryweather: Whose pencil is this?
Ginge: Bruce that's a Gingedot]Pencil!

"GINGEdot]MAN" has logged in.
by Merrweather November 01, 2007

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