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When you recognize a slightly familiar fellow Parkie outside of the Park Cities area and pause unable to be 100% certain if it's really that person.

There is usually a brief hesitation and awkward "hello, how are you" followed by the fear that when you see that person again in a location that verifies their identity, there will be some tension.
Oh no, I think I parkognize that woman over there but I can't tell because she looks different on this side of the highway.
by Merritt Patterson March 15, 2008
When you see a familiar face in public and realize you "know" the person but can't immediately recall from where. There is usually a brief period of confusion before being able to identify them as an acquaintance from your regular Starbucks location.
I buckognize that lady from the Highland Park Village Starbucks.
by Merritt Patterson March 15, 2008
A mom who is also a dormant volcano just taking everyday as it comes without venting or speaking her mind. But somewhere deep inside she feels it coming, the day when she’ll flip out and explode, spewing lava all over the school hallways. Until that day she just smiles.

Carol seems so controlled but you know she's a momcano about to erupt.
by Merritt Patterson May 09, 2008
Half mom, half bimbo.
Did you see the stripper clothes that Mombo was wearing in the carpool line?
by Merritt Patterson April 10, 2008

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