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Witches brew is a family term for coffee. The stronger the coffee, the more it deserved the name of "witches brew". I think it got this name from the strong flavor of the coffee and the busy behaviour of people who drink too much coffee.
Mother laughed as she poured the hot liquid she called "witches brew" from the coffee pot into the porcelain mug. "Here", she said, offering me a cup of her famous witches brew.
by Merrily McCarthy July 19, 2003
I am a sad man that has been dammed and I am the only one who is sane.
When you hear me speak you will know I am Saddam Hussein!
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
When someone has taken upon themselves to be calm about something, that might be just a little exciting.
Hey, say look, my appetite is over extending, so why you getting all up in my cool-aide for?
by Merrily McCarthy July 23, 2003
Fat is what a healthy baby is! Wah is the constant sound of it's crying! A FatWah is "a little fat baby crying."

A fatwah is a command from a dependent creature for those in hearing range to "come and take care of me." Everyone usually responds to the sound of a dependent baby crying. This is the root cause and response syndrome of the word FATWAH.
The commanders FATWAH had been uttered, and his team moved.

The parents heard the crying FATWAH in the outer room, they responded, knowing full well the FATWAH must be answered.
by Merrily McCarthy July 16, 2003
A short fat person or woman that no one likes primarily because she is always vindictive and evil and mean.
Watch out, here comes Umpa-Lumpa!
by Merrily McCarthy July 19, 2003
A male or female person who hangs out on the street and has been around the block way too many times.
Yeh, that chick is a real hoodrat!
by Merrily McCarthy July 20, 2003

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