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A girl and/or woman who is obsessed with a man in which they can never have. Most of the time this is with fictional characters such as Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara or such as L Lawliet from Death Note, although there are times when girls obsess over celebrities, such as Justin Bieber. However, there are a select handful of girls who's favorite anime character/actor is a man, but isn't necessarily a "fangirl", such as myself.
(Ex 1: celebrity fangirl)

Callie: OMGosh! Justin Bieber is sooooooo cute!!!! I MUST marry him!!

Merlee: -_-; Stupid fangirl

(Ex 2: Fictional Character Fangirl)


Merlee: You do know he's a 2-d character, right?

Dalila: .... So?!!? He's still sexy!!

(Ex 3: The difference between a fan, and a fangirl. Fictional Characters)

Merlee: Ikuto is my favorite character in Shugo Chara. He's

sarcastic and whatnot.

Dalila: OMG He's sexy!!!

(Ex 4: The difference between a fan, and a fangirl. Celebrities)

Merlee: I kind of like Justin Bieber's song One Less Lonely Girl. It's catchy.

Callie: And he's hot!
#fan girl #fanboy #fan boy #fan #stalker #ocd #obsessers
by Merlumina Wishine February 21, 2010
A "synonym" for drop. It's actually a typo, but it's a such a common typo that people tend to use it in their everyday vocabulary.
Merlee: Yo!
Tyler: Oh my god, Merlee you made me frop my laptop!
Merlee: Did you just say frop?!

Tyler: Huh? Oh! I mean drop.
#frop #drop #fropping #typo #epic
by Merlumina Wishine March 26, 2010
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