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2 definitions by Merci

Used when imitating a ghetto person, often used in a black womens from the hood's voice.
" Dis Shaboofa, Shaboofa Jackson"
by Merci February 04, 2005
An Australian UT2k3 clan.

Main rival to Dx. FeaRed by the rest.

Possibly either the best or 2nd best UT2k3 clan in Australia.

FeaR even has a theme song.
Bo join FeaR, please you won't regret it.
I'll make you a sig, hey bo don't sweat it.
You'll be playing alongside the likes of me.
And a shock mastah going by the name Mer-ci.

Bro if you join I'll make you leader.
Anything to make the deal much sweeter.

FeaR is the best clan bo, hey bo.
Trust me on this one bo, hey bo.

Please bro, I'll make you a sig.
Please bro, I need ya man.
Please bro, you can be leader.
Please bro, death to Dx!
by Merci March 18, 2003