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A person who has no gender
1.<Merc>ome is a hor...
<Fuser> he/she sure is
2. Guy1: Hey look at that fine girl over there i'd tap that.
Guy2: Dude.....thats an ome-ome....WTF..
Guy1: Oh...dont tell anyone or I will kill you.
by Merc March 30, 2005
love slave
There are many toji's in vietnam.
by MerC February 26, 2003
Pimp'n is Merc Merc is pimp'n dont you foget it. Whenever you see pimp'n merc is probably doing the "pimp'n." Oh yeah EasTSiDe! New York!! hors
Merc: Hey hor gimme mah money before I knock joo arse out.
Hor: Okay big daddy.
Merc: Thanks....now run along.
Merc counts his money.
Merc mumbles "fookin hor came up short again, I guess she wants to be bich slapped."
by Merc March 28, 2005
Is a Homofaggoretardogay
Aka RiptheJacker.

PS Die plz
by merc February 16, 2005

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