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1) n. Someone with the uncanny ability to find or access pornography from any device that could in any way, shape, or form connect to the internet.

2) v. Someone with the uncanny ability to destroy any and all computers with their reckless need to visit questionable pornography sites.
Definition 1)
Guy1: Your brother managed to pull up porn on my toaster.
Guy2: He's Pornguyver, what can I say?

Definition 2)
Guy1: Hey, can you come fix my computer, it's dead?
Guy2: What happened, did your brother Pornguyver it again?
by MephistoQC May 01, 2008
An orgasm that occurs immediately after being spanked.
She got spanked just before she climaxed and had a spankgasm.
by MephistoQC May 01, 2008
Someone going to great lengths to rig up elaborate (and sometimes dangerous) setups to view multiple pornography sources simultaneously.
Guy1: Did you see my brothers new setup?
Guy2: No...
Guy1: Basically it's 5 old monitors from a pawn shop hooked to 3 computers with no case all perched on a closet door sitting between 2 cinder blocks sitting across his bathtub. Oh, and Pornguyver's got a projector running too.
by MephistoQC May 02, 2008
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