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a form of music originating in England
It is usually characterized by a down tempo sound, female vocals, breakbeats, and a spacy version of hip-hop.
Sometimes called the Bristol sound.
by meowzer July 29, 2005
An after-dinner gathering of Asian American parents and their children. Because Asian parents often reject the possibility of befriending non-Asian coworkers and neighbors, these become their main social activity. As such, the average Asian family attends at least one Asian party on any given week. If the hosts insists that people arrive around 7, the first guest will usually come at exactly 8:30.

Festivities may include:
Playing cards
An exorbitant amount of sunflower seeds
Watching the Asian children play piano
Talking about what groceries have been on sale
Talking about white people
Nian Gao
A ping pong tournament
Comparing the kids' SAT scores

*list not exhaustive

The kids will either become close friends (leading to future vacasians) or will keep to themselves, choosing to hang out only with their respective electronics (iPhones, Nintendo DS, Kindle, etc.) Asian parties often go late into the night.

Alternate forms include the Asian Dinner Party (guests tend to arrive on time and will bring an Asian dish to this potluck-style event) and the Vacasian.
White friend: dude why can't you come over on Friday?
Asian kid: sorry, I have to play piano at an Asian Party so I don't shame my parents

Tennis coach: you know, Asian kid, it'd be great for team bonding if you came to the team dinner this weekend.
Asian kid: I know, but my parents are throwing an Asian Dinner Party and I really like dumplings.
#asian #asian parents #party #vacasian #asian dinner party
by Meowzer January 02, 2013
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