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Position similar to doggy style. Differs in the position and height of legs of the male in relation to female pelvis. Namely, the male's thighs are above and slightly forward whilst the knees and calves are almost at ribcage level. This allows the male to lower the penis downwards at the maximum slope which makes it extremely tense.
I just did aerial assault with her. She was screaming her lungs out.
#doggy style #sexual position #extra oompf #sex #awesome.
by Mensurator October 14, 2008
Surviving a massive car crash without any injuries and basically walking away without any issues. The car on the other hand is unrecognizably decimated.
I just got hellfired at the intersection. My car is gone, dude. Phew, that was close.
#accident #lucky #cheating death #miracle #car smashed.
by Mensurator October 14, 2008
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