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1. an oppressed (slave) that imitates its oppressor (master) in its evil behavior
2. a slave serves its enslaver
3. an idiot; a dysfunctional individual
4. a sell-out
5. a member of an oppressed Other-group, such as identified by an idiot
In NAZI concentration camps, there was a 'kapo' class of Jews whom guards gave a modicum extra food in exchange for helping their death camps operate.

Early in the Amerikan NorthEast's history, colonists tried to enslave native Americans and failed - natives would die before serving as slaves; and so kidnapped Londoners&Africans, endentured servants and African slaves (taken in tribal wars and sold to Europeans) were brought to provide free labor. When Britian's parliament outlawed slavery, England found that free labor had been damaging its economic health; it officially ended in Amerika when England told congress that it would have to end slavery in Amerika to receive British support in World War II.

When my girlfriend told me that a Dean of Harvard Medical School at first vowed never to accept pharmaceutical corporations' bribes and then accepted huge ones to blacklist nutritional education&research, I called him a 'nigger'

5. Stanford Prison Experiment
by MelodiousForms December 02, 2009

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