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2 definitions by Melba Searcy

The shortening or blatant misspelling of words in order to appear cool on the internet when really it comes across as ignorant.
Example of e-phonics in action:

Thatcalichick: OMG tht b0y is teh hottness.

Dizzybroad: O Rly? Do you want to sex0r him?

Thatcalichick: Ys Rly. W00T!
by Melba Searcy April 06, 2007
24 2
Something or someone that is ultra or super wack. The act of being super ridiculous or obnoxiously stupid.
(example 1)
Person 1: Did you know the IRS had the nerve to only refund me $500 this year?

Person 2: Ugh.. that is completely wacktacular.

(example 2)
Person 1: Did you see the season Finale of "I love New York"?

Person 2: Yes. That girl, and all of those guys are wacktacular.
by Melba Searcy April 13, 2007
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