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The name Chauntalei Speaks for it's self: Unique.
Chauntalei's are HELLA funny and outgoing.

They speak their mind and aren't scared of what anyone thinks.
A Chauntalei will beat you butt if she thinks you need it. (Even if you 2 feet taller then her)

Chauntalei's are smart.
Chauntalei's are great listener's (BUUUT If she Chauntalei has her owns problems she wont worry about you)
Chauntalei's are WAY more mature then most people her age.
And if she's having a bad day, she won't try and hide it.
Chauntalei's are GREAT friends and as long as you have her back, she'll have yours.
Why are you being such a Chauntalei?!?!
by MelPel&,ADizzle October 25, 2010
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