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136 definitions by Mel

Extremely Sexy or Extremely Do-able
He is So Sexafiable
by Mel December 21, 2003
Owenia comes from the name Owen.
It is commonly used for males, but you could also use it on a manly female if you choose.

Owenia is normally annoying, and talkative, meaning he NEVER SHUTS HIS FUCKING MOUTH, but you still love him from his retarded wittyness and he is easy to use as a slave boy.

It's also quite amusing to piss him off.
"Owenia is a big thtrong boyyy"

"Hey Owenia, get me some food."
by Mel March 07, 2005
When something is so overwhelming that no other word is good enough.
That top looks so noiyce
by Mel January 13, 2005
1. English for beer
2. Cause of many roadside accidents and drunken brawls
I can feel a BreakdownV1 coming on

I didnt see the pedestrian I had too many BreakdownV1's
by Mel April 09, 2004
The disposable hinged styrofoam (NO CFCs) container offered by a dining establishment when you can't finish your entire meal.
I thought that I was ONE HUNGRY MFer, but I ended up having to ask for a styroclam.
by Mel August 27, 2003
a person who is a punk. (used as a joke)
mike is a punk-a-saurus
by Mel March 12, 2001
A station wagon, in a version of a pussy wagon.
"were's my mom with the pussy wagon?"
by mel March 23, 2005