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I hate it. The people are dicks and you can't afford anything. I'd leave if I could. If I'm so free how come I can't leave? Because I don't have any money because I refuse to lick their balls and kiss their asses. They are egomaniacs and batshit crazy people all of them. They are all retarded there are some cool ones but most are fucking idiots you wish would drop dead. They are good at pretending though but the country is full of homeless and poor people because there are no jobs and you can't survive on minimum wage. But they'd rather give you a bus ticket out then give you a job. Not that a job would matter because you can't survive on minimum wage. America is a big pile of crap I hate it I'd live in Amsterdam if I could where I could write books.
The United States of America is gay and can suck my nads.
by Mehohehmeh July 31, 2009

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