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The word "Scene" is mostly, a label. Just like emo, prep, goth, etc. Alot of people who are scene dont like labels, but there are times when thats the easiest way to describe someone or there style.

Alot of people seem to think the Scene kids are stuck-up, little bitches, when they're really not. Most people assume they use lots of Xs and TyP3 AlL W3!rD like so. When they dont.

There are alot of different styles inside "scene" but there are some generalnizations. Such as (for girls) The skinny jeans, fashionable tops or band tees, and most importantly the hair... The normally, Big, Poofy, parted hair (if its long) it normally gets extremly thin at the bottom. With Guys they also wear skinny jeans, tight shirts, and their hair is normally longish, straight, parted or flowing to one side. Both tend to be very attractive and thin.

Scene kids are just like everyone else. They're not all the same. They are individuals. Just because they have some similar intrests doesnt mean anything. I'm sure if you looked at any other group or style they all have similar intrests too.

Then there are what are called "posers". They are the people that are normally to blame for he bad rep scene kids get. They will overly flaunt how apparently "scene" they are. Not matter if they are or not. They pretend to be something they're not just to be "cool" or "accepted".

I've been called a scene kid and I take great offense to people who this scene kids are concieted and stupid. I consider myself to be quite smart.

I must admit...
I've got Scenee Kidd Pridee! ;D
"I can't believe she thinks she's scene!"

"Her hair looks really scene in this picture!"

"Sorry... I only date scene guys."
by MeghanNicole April 15, 2009

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