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To steal food or a beverage from a shared office refrigerator.
Richard and Rita had worked well together, until Rita pilfridged Richard's yogurt; now he won't talk to her.
by Megareds December 13, 2007
Like a non-sequitur, a pre-sequitur doesn't follow what immediately preceded it, but instead relates to something that came earlier, but too long ago to be relevant. It is a sudden or jarring break in the chronology, but it does follow... when you remember what it refers to. Often used as a comic device.
A classic pre-sequitur:
during Mary's job interview
Lou Grant: What religion are you?
Mary Richards: Mr. Grant, I don't quite know how to say this, but you're not allowed to ask that when someone's applying for a job. It's against the law.
Lou Grant: Wanna call a cop?
Mary Richards: No.
Lou Grant: Good. Would you think I was violating your civil rights if I asked if you're married?
Mary Richards: Presbyterian.
by Megareds December 06, 2007

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