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1. Fake Emo: see Female Emo Poser, Male Emo Poser, Fake Emo. They like to wear black and say they hate themselves and no one understands and wear thick eyeliner and have black hair all over their face. They pierce themselves and they cry and they think they are artists and everyone who is not emo cannot express themselves, and is just a cookie cutter of every other human being that fake emos used to be. They are not actually emo, but they take typical bad situations and turn it into "My Life Sucks, Can I Kill Myself Already?" although you know they never will.

2. Real Emo: These people probably appear very happy on the outside, not wearing black all the time with thick heavy eyeliner. Most real emos, although not all, suffer from an unfortunate psychological problem like depression. One minute they can be the happiest person, and the next, crying hysterically and wanting to commit suicide. The fact that people throw around the term 'emo' is very upsetting, because REAL people with REAL problems like Megan Meier (look up Megan Pledge on Google Search) can't help themselves and need love and care.

Emo isn't a word to describe these people, but because of today's idiocy, you can't get someone to just treat them regularly, but treat them as 'emo', which I doubt can help them at all. The real definition of emo should stay as it should- someone who is just following a stupid trend.

3. Emo music.
Fake Emo
Hale: Oh my god. I want to cut myself up. I hate me. No one understands. Your all so normal and bland and copy+paste people and you don't understand me or my art I wanna kill myself!

Real 'Emo' Although That Really Shouldn't Be Their Term
Gretta: I'm going to hang out with Jessica. Wanna come with me?
Britanny: No way am I going to hang out with some stupid, fat emo like you. God. I hope you just go kill yourself, your such a loser!
Jessica: Don't listen to her, Gretta, everyone knows she's just a bitch.
Gretta: *sobbing* Why am I so stupid?
by MeganPledge August 12, 2009

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