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137 definitions by Megan

Laughing my f-in ass off while on the floor
omg how did you get tickets to the tampon 200? Oh we pulled some strings and got good seats!!--Lmfaowotf that was gr8 !!
by megan November 14, 2004
someone who randomly sleepwalks, most likely while drunk, and pees in apartment hallways
Some crazy DQ'zer was passed out outside of my dorm room this morning covered in her pee
by Megan October 11, 2004
A party in which becomes very boring or is not very 'banging'.
Man, that party was a hoobalation.
by Megan July 24, 2004
it is a hoochie mama! :D
Look at that damn woochie woo!
by Megan April 24, 2004
a particularly large, disgusting looking piece/portion of roadkill, usually squirrels but also including dogs, deer, rabbits, spare tires (if they are covered in blood), chipmunks, rodents, hairy animals, or celebrities, with lots of blood.
Holy piss, that was the biggest smimy I have ever seen! Turn around so we can take a picture of it!!
by Megan December 31, 2003
Something that is very cool or interesting.
Person 1: Check out this new CD I got.
Person 2: Oh yeah, that's real spiffy.
by Megan July 25, 2004
short for the best candy ever, pixie sticks
Dude I need a pixie.
by Megan June 12, 2004