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2 definitions by Megacurt

Possibly one of the most misunderstood subcultures in any high school setting. Techies may wear a lot of black, but they're not always emo. They may seem like geeks, and often are, but they still know what's up. A crew can become something close to a family. Often, a kind of hierarchy develops within a crew where seniority is based on experience and know-how, not age.
Jock 1: "Dude, I heard you chilled with a bunch of techies last night. You going geek on us?!"

Jock 2: "Bro! The stage crew parties like a bunch of crazy people! I've never seen so many strobe lights!"
by Megacurt June 26, 2010
The new Bible for America's teenagers.
I don't know... Let's consult the great Urban Dictionary!
by MegaCurt July 09, 2010