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A website owned and run by Trevor, its only claim to fame being that it's the only known Neopets fansite to have a radio built in. Also has a forum to go with it, which has been renamed, moved, and changed so many times that not even regular visitors can keep up. Run by donations and volunteer work by amateur DJs, no money is made by ads. The owner, however, is an immature control freak, and twists/changes the rules to support whichever point he's trying to make. Advertised as an "amazing website" this fails to mention the owner's tendencies to fire employees with no real reason, and get mad and ban/insult people who he doesn't like. In short, a good idea for a website, but poorly executed by a complete jerk.
More people have been fired in the course of midnightneo's history than ever actually started working there.
by Megacat January 24, 2009
SOMC, which when expressed in a grammatically correct way would read "Shit on my chest" is a particular expression used to describe frustration. In Australian slang, it is a phrase used on a daily basis to emphasise importance of comment. For example, if one cannot get an electronic device to work properly, one might exclaim "Shit on my chest!", meaning that you are so upset with the device you prefer someone could shit on your chest instead dealing with the situation.
1. SOMC! Would you just do me this one favour?
by MegaCat February 02, 2015

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