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In the act of screwing.
1. "Look at her go, she riding the bologna pony."

2. "Oh, yeah she is a pro at riding the bologna pony."

3. "In five minutes you too can ride the bologna pony."

4. "Riding the bologna pony gets me going and makes my day."
by MegaMost November 09, 2009
People who wear all black. Gothic. Used before the term"Gothic." Known to be used in the 80's.
1. Why cant those ash people wear some color, thy look like they belong at a funeral.

2. If you all wear black you will look like ash people.
by MegaMost November 15, 2009
When you get something in school that you didn't directly purchase but your tuition pays for it.
Person 1: "My teacher just handed me this digital camera for free for my photo class."
Person 2: "Dude, that's not free, your tuition payed for it."
Person 1: "Yeah, I know man, that's what you call 'tuition free'."
by MegaMost February 07, 2011

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