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1. The Area that should be checked before emitting a really terrible fart, when farting, or in most cases, about to fart, you should check a good distance of five to seven feet to make sure no innocent bystanders or pensioners are in the area.
2. Used by the military to check the distance is safe before rifing a rocket launcher
Peter Pluffiey: Check your back blast dudeeee
by Mefodikal April 21, 2006
a sluttly little hoe who sucks wrinkly cock...
a retirement rocker is usually a Young girl (Between 17 and 20) who decides to ruin her beautiful innocence by sleeping with someone 30 to 37 (usually a friends dad) this happens in the depths of scotland and middle eastern canada..(usually)
Girl One (usually between 17 & 20): OMGGGGG i cant believe i fucked sarah's(made up name not aimed at anyone) dad again
Girl Two (Her age is irrelevent): you're such a retirement rocker
Girl One: a Who?!
Girl Two: a sluttly little hoe who sucks wrinkly cock...
Girl Two: Duuhhh
by Mefodikal April 21, 2006
well....what do you think eh...
someone who pushes deep, so deep it goes into the pancreas, like me, because mine is so big, im a pancreas pusher.
me: its grew again man, 17 inches imma be a real pancreas pusher
admirer: yeah man you're right, i'm so envious
by Mefodikal April 20, 2006
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