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In gay or straight term when something "TURNED IT" that means it's FABULOUS
1. Her (meaning him) outfit "TURNED IT"
2. The Chocolet cake "TURNED IT"
3. You "TURNED IT" on the dance floor miss cooky.
4. Diana Ross sings: Upside down she's "turning it"
just give it up and set me free.
by Meer M June 29, 2006
In gay term when you are walking on the Street or taking the
subway and you see another guy or girl and you can tell by
looking he or she is a homosexual or cunty fagot he or she has been SPOOKED.
1. I SPOOKED you gurrrl.
2. SPOOK the trey
3. She thinks I don't know, but I SPOOKED her lovely.
4. She (meaning he) can't leave her house without being SPOOKED.
by Meer M June 04, 2006

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