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2 definitions by MeechamMooseMonger12

The mysterious place that lies behing your knee. Shrouded in ancient wonder, this mystical place on every human's leg encourages the metamorphosis of fungi in western arabia.
The juices of the lactopit are commonly found in bottles on the shelves of sores nationwide in America.
by MeechamMooseMonger12 May 09, 2006
The area that is known by most unknowledgeable humans as the "Knee". That modern (but incorrect) definition of the crunklespot is, in actual fact, what an idiotic human back in the Ice-Age called his crunklespot. But now you know! your "knee" isn't your "knee" any more! 'Tis your Crunklespot!
The cave man pointed to his Crunklespot and said "Hee Hee OOGA BOOGA SHASTO KNEE!" and the name stuck for ever.
by MeechamMooseMonger12 May 09, 2006