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A sexual orientation meaning someone is sexually and/or emotionally attracted to either the male or female.

Does not generally mean they are overly-sexed, confused about their sexual preference, trying to hide their true sexuality or sleep around with anyone they can find.

Bisexulality is quickly becoming more and more common - although often still used in derogatory terms, i.e. to portray slutty behaviour - as people become more open with their sexuality. It doesn't always mean they enjoy both sexes equally.
It is often more accepted in females, although that can also mean they might be thought of as 'easy'.
Katinka, although currently with a boyfriend, has once before dated a woman. Even though she has only been with one woman, she prefers to think of herself as bisexual, as she might be with another.
by Mechanical Ballerina May 18, 2009
A man or a woman who is sexually attracted to children or under-age people.

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, rather than a sexual orientation or a personal sexual choice. Generally, a man or a woman cannot decide to be sexually attracted to children or not, however they are responsible for handling their attraction responsibly and not engaging any child or under-age person in sexual activity.

Pedophilia is not commonly associated with men that are attracted to very attractive, physically mature and extremely well-developed teenage girls, as that is just considered attraction for the sake of being attracted to someone young and good-looking. This is not always the case, though.
Lesher was currently in an anonymous group that dealt with keeping sexual desire towards children to oneself, and not exploring any child sexually, as he is a pedophile.
by Mechanical Ballerina May 18, 2009
The sexual attraction of a man towards a bike, commonly small bikes or children's bikes.

Men that are Bikesexual often have their sexuality associated as a choice or sexual preference, however it is considered a mental illness, like pedophilia or necrophilia.

Bikesexuality has never been associated with women before, and the reason for this is still unknown. However, the female gender is the only one to experience Hobosexuality (sexual attraction towards homeless people).

Men that experience Bikesexuality are often more commonly attracted to small/tiny bikes or children's bikes. This has nothing to do with pedophilia, but is believed to have something to do with the fact that men who are Bikesexual 'have a momentary lapse in brain function whenever seeing a bike, thus meaning they revert back to a child-like state, liking anything cute, shiny or small'.
Tricycles are especially appreciated in this circle of men.
Mikhail came a few times when he saw Sasha's new Barbie tricycle.

He still doesn't consider himself Bikesexual.
by Mechanical Ballerina May 18, 2009

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