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when a male is sleeping next to a female. he takes her hand and puts it inches away from his penis and wakes her up so she moves her hand and touches his penis
Tironi told me to sneak into Dan's sisters room and give her a sneaky snake.
by Meatball60 December 09, 2006
when you decide to attack some one ramdomly doesn't matter if it is used in video games or on the street as long as you knock them out you will do em' dirty
Yo rob that fucker stole my bike do em' dirty.
by Meatball60 November 11, 2006
When You Have Explosive Diarrhea.
Yo greg thought he was next in line to shoot in beer pong, until he realized he had the Dirty Dynamite from the rotten gyro.
by Meatball60 October 20, 2006

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