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A location where Big Cats meet or live and engage each other in stimulating stunts that usually involves large amounts of alcohol. There is always one King Cat who runs Big Cat City and often leads by example by Bringing the Ruckus. Most normal individuals would not dare to enter Big Cat City without the protection or consent of a Big Cat.
Guy 1: Hey man you trying to go to Big Cat City tonight.
Guy 2: Yea sure what’s the worst that could happen?
#big cat #big cat city #bring the ruckus #house party #frat castle
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
The act of intensely searching for women that have whale like features at either a house party or fraternity party in a desperate attempt to prove to your colleagues that you are in fact, the real Captain Ahab of the sea.
Guy 1: Ok boys, get your harpoons out. It's gonna be rough tonight seas.

Guy 2: Whale Wars!

Guy 3: Whale Wars!

Guy 1: Hey man, did you see that Jeremy won Whale Wars last night?

Guy 2: Yea man, he brought that fat chick back out our place and tried to ann frank it
#whale wars! #whale wars #harpoon #fat girls #fat chicks #frat parties
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
When you fuck a girl stupid.
Girl: ahdaifawnfngoangagnl

Guy: I just Helen Kellered you!
#helen keller #g spot #sex #blow job #tug job
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
An underground gentlemen’s club in the North Philadelphia area were members do questionable acts such as destroying property, harass women, have sex with questionable looking women, and other goonish acts. Members can easily be identified by the following acts: hanging out in shady basements in North Philadelphia, Throwing furniture out windows, and yelling “Goon Squad” whenever in trouble or excited about something outrageous.
Guy 1: Oh my god those kids just threw a sofa out the window!!!

Goon 1: GOON SQUAD!!!!!

#goon #goon squad #big pimping #scumbag #douche bag
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
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