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A period of time in which thoughts about real existence may come about, and dreams about friendship may occur.
I was in a world of dream believe last night and you were in it.
by Meanstatter October 04, 2006
Speaking to friends in a coherent manner; getting a point across with lucid clarity.
"We never speak in realspeak anymore..all we say are stupid catch-phrases and in jokes that pertain to life!"
by Meanstatter September 20, 2006
A replacement for the word "what" in a manner that is extremely obnxious and meant to interrupt someone's sentence.
I was speaking to a guy over there when a friend of mine over here came up behind me and yelled shwepps!
by Meanstatter October 04, 2006
A manner of speaking in non-real terms; using catch phrases and in-jokes to replace actual words and expressive language.
"We don't say real words to each other anymore..and fakespeak has taken the place of our old conversations when we said real things."
by Meanstatter September 20, 2006
A state in which a guy or two under there may awake into a world of fakedom; more or less going from real thoughts to un-real thoughts; a loss of friendship; a hatred of life.
When i came into wake believe, I was startled to find an ex-friend of mine blowing smoke in my face.
by Meanstatter October 04, 2006

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