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Aquafilth the water police.
We were minding our own business when the AQUAFILTH came along and read us thier pencil pushers bullshit riot act. stole our booze and our fish.
by Meanoldbastard May 07, 2010
Those in our community that consume OXYGEN but are of no real value. Particularly those who inhale large amounts of OXYGEN and exhale copious amounts of CARBON DIOXIDE in the process of expounding at great length on one issue or another. READ, POLITICIANS, LAWYERS, BARRISTERS, BANKERS, STOCKBROCKERS.
OXYGEN THIEF: Current Batch of bankers with thier hand in my pocket to bale them out after causing the WFC through thier own greed and arrogance. Current batch of politicians with thier hand in my pocket to give money to the current batch of bankers and stockbrokers.
What can a pidgeon in NYC still do that a stockbroker cant?
Leave a deposit on a BMW.
by MEANOLDBASTARD May 16, 2010
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