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1) People who whine about problems they most often don't even have.
*****Background Info: I know people at school (emos) who try to not like anyone but their own little group of people, and don't try to do anything fun.

2) Creepy Goth-posers.
*****Background Info: The people that call themselves emo at our school, try as they might, wear dark clothing and what-not, but still can't achieve the greatness and elegance of the Goths.

3) Miserable freaks that actually have a high self-esteem, but cut themselves to make others feel sorry for them, baby them, and do shit for them because they think the emo is going to kill itself.

4) People who listen to the following: Fall-Out-Boy, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Greenday, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, or any other nasily nasty pathetic fag bands. Yuck!!!!!!!!
1) Emo: I'm bored. Maybe I'll tell my mom I hate her, dump my normal friends, and shop for more itchy sweaters and tight weird looking pants! Yeahhhhhhh!
Goth: You're such a fag. Sheesh...

2)Emo: I want to be like that cool Gothic girl over there. It just isn't fair! Humph! I'm gonna cut myself.
Goth: Word of advice: cutting yourself isn't gonna help your pitiful helpless pathetic and selfmutilated soul. Get a life...Oh, wait..You're already trying to be like me! What a sick puppy!

3) Emo: It isn't fair! Why are all of those people talking to the Gothic girl and not me?! Maybe if I cut myself, they'll all come over and try to help me quit bleeding.
(Emo cuts itself, and yells for help, while standing 5 feet away from a group of people talking to the Goth girl........Nobody cares.......)

4) Fags who wear plastics bags to hide the lines beneath their sags. Hey that rhymes! Cool.......

Post Script: I'm a Goth, and I dress like a Redneck, prep, Goth, or whatever. Word of advice to emos: Quit trying to be like us goths, and be yourself, because I'm pretty sure that there's a great person cowering behind that pathetic Punk mask.
by Meagan Eden Rogers April 16, 2006

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