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When you are just so bored, that you get a random (usually unwanted boner) The infamous "Boredom Boner" can appear at any time.
Mitch: "Dude... WTF?!?"
Alec: "What?"
Mitch: "You have a boner..."
Alec: "Don't worry. It's just a boredom boner it'l go away as soon as we do something."
Mitch: "Oh cool."

Boner Boner Face Boredom Penis Funny True
by Me and Mr. Split April 05, 2011
An "apocalypse" of "douches". Occurs when a bunch of douches get together and it seems as if the world is ending. Most often at a party of snooty snoots or a sausagefest.
Mitch: Dude I went to Jarrett's party last night.
Alec: Oh, was it cool?
Mitch: No it was a huge doucheocalypse.
by Me and Mr. Split April 06, 2011
An individual who, when they have completed an act they are

proud of, posts it multiple times as their status on a social

networking site until they feel they have earned enough

attention for it. FaceBraggarts are most commonly Attention

s too.
Mitch: Jake posted about his fight five times on FB last night

Alec: He only got 1 like on the first three, but the fourth and fifth got him a few comments.

Mitch: That kid is a serious FaceBraggart
by Me and Mr. Split May 01, 2011
Someone who posts multiple pictures of themselves from the

same time with different poses onto a social networking sight.

It's easy to spot an Overkill Photographer because they will

be wearing the same clothes and have the same background,

but will have changed their pose and possibly the camera

Mitch: Did you see Ashley's new pics on FB?

Alec: Yeah it was a little weird, she posted the same pic twice,

she just turned her hat around for one of them.

Mitch: She's such an Overkill Photographer
by Me and Mr. Split May 01, 2011
The culmination of rap and dubstep, brought on by the musician; Borgore. Hence the phrase, "Borgore Killed Dubstep"
Mitch: Hey let's go listen to gorestep!
Jarrett: You mean... dubstep?
Mitch: No I mean gorestep you fucker. God damn, you know I fucking hate being corrected
Jarrett: I'm sorry... let's go listen?
Mitch: Fuck you, you aren't invited anymore.
by Me and Mr. Split December 30, 2011

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