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2 definitions by Mcsweeney

A rating given to a movie, TV show etc. where the quality of the material is irrelevant because its main purpose is to induce fapping.
The plot was nonsensical, the ending was implausible, but it had hot chicks naked. Final rating: Fap/10
by Mcsweeney July 03, 2006
The technique in strategy war games of sitting back in your base and never attacking anybody so you can build up your technology and defences. Then you attack only when you have researched every upgrade and have a massive army at the end of the game.
I could tell that my opponent, SSJ4SnakeKilla007, was sitting back and playing SimBase, so I simply took all the resource mines in the map and then rushed him with overwhelming numbers of inexpensive troops.
by Mcsweeney January 26, 2006