2 definitions by Mcheetah

Both a Skank and a Slut, together in one. Originated and made popular when mistyping out the word "slut" and hitting the K on the keyboard, instead.

Also see skore (skank + whore).
Katy Perry is the biggest skut in the music industry I know. Even moreso than that skore, Gaga.
by Mcheetah September 14, 2012
The term used to call an annoying girl between 14 to 30 years old, who constantly uses the term "LOL" in anything they type or text.

Short for "Laughing Out Loud assholes," LOLAs tend to be stupid by nature, and often have very perky, cloying personalities.
"Omigosh! Did you see Becky at Old Navy today? She looked like such an elephant in those jeans, LOL! Seriously, she has no fashion sense at all, amirite? LOL!!!"

(*looks at 17 year old girl*) "What a dumb LOLA."
by Mcheetah September 11, 2012

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