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The act of a man inserting pressurized air in a womans anal cavity then fucking with noisy farts slipping out.
Eric pumped Abbas ass with air then she farted all over his cock, he recieved the greatest fart job since rosie o' donnels fabled 1993 fart job.
by Mcfarthuntd19 February 08, 2010
A sexual device created by Bill Cosby in 1975. The tube is to be lubed up then inserted inside both partners anuses. One partner then leans him or herself on something and proceeds to shit in the other persons ass when the shit goes down the tube. The partner who recieved the shit then gets on top of there partner and shits there partners shit on their own chest, face, or mouth. The device has remained popular in scat porn circles and an electric poop tube is forthcoming.
I was watching Bill Cosbys porn series "Back
Door Fuglies" last night and I noticed that his infamous poop tube was featured extensively. It was awesome some guy ate his own shit that his partner pooped in his mouth, it was tasty. I Loved it so much that I Went out and bought the stretchable poop tube and I ate my own shit.
by Mcfarthuntd19 February 09, 2010
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