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A phrase that you offten want to scream out the theater, whenever the dumb bitch gets caught by the killer or monster in any Horror Film. You can also yell this while watching a porno. However it is not recomended
*Movie* (Dumb blonde skanky bitch runs into killer)

Guy Watching film : "Holy fucking titty licking tacos! She's going to get her ass hole eaten out!!"
by McWaterMellon and DixieDoosch August 12, 2009
1.) When You score some fine ass bitch and/or bitches and for some god forsaken reason you have some fucked up homosexual vision that prevents you from getting an errection, Leaving you soft when you need wood the most. There fore you wish you had a boner

2.) You Get lucky with 2 bimbos and you can't fuck them both at the same time. You wish for a second boner.

3.) you have two chicks mauling eachother over who gets to hop on ya junk. They both grab your wang and pull in seprate diretions, as you would a wish bone. Who ever gets more wins. You want to avoid this at all costs so keep the bitches in check!

Some desperate punk: "Dude, Last night I was about to fuck some fine ass bitches and then somethin gay snuck into my mind and I just couldn't get wood. I wish I could've so bad though"

Friend: "Shit motha fucka! you had a Wish Boner!"


Some freak: "Dude I scored some hott ass poon last night but I wanted to hit em both at the same time. I mean both these bitches had onion butt! I really with I had double junk sometimes!"

Insightful friend: "Awe Bro you had a Wish Boner! Don't we all though?"


Guy who just got back from the ER: "Shit foo, These dumb kink hoes were fightin over my wang and split my shit like a fuckin Wish Bone!"

Guys Friend: "Shit Mang! Those bitches gave you a Wish Boner! I got one last week!"
by McWaterMellon and DixieDoosch August 12, 2009
If you have sex with someone named, "Brandon", You have just been Branded!
Some fucko named, "Brandon": "Hey dude I just tapped that ass!"

Brandon's friend: " You mean that bitch just got Branded?"

Some Chick: " Ugh I really wish I wouldn't have slept with that Brandon guy last night!"

Chick's Friend: "Girl, Don't be tellin me you been Branded!"
by McWaterMellon and DixieDoosch August 12, 2009

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